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Community Networks:

 Koop, Leef, Kuier Oudtshoorn

Koop, Leef, Kuier George

Koop, Leef, Kuier Mosselbaai

Koop, Leef, Kuier Groot Brak

Koop, Leef, Kuier Beaufort Wes

Koop, Leef, Kuier Baviaans

Koop, Leef, Kuier Bloemfontein

Koop, Leef, Kuier Weskus

Koop, Leef, Kuier Witbank

Route 62 Events

Skal South Africa



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Welcome at the Community Websites Portal

This site list websites already running on the WEBifi Community Platform

Aim of the platform is to :

  • inform - provide online communities a means to effectively communicate with members / supporters / sponsors
  • involve - provide a means where members / supporters / sponsors can get involved, provide feedback and participate in communities
  • grow - provide online communities a means to generate an income by means of sponsors, online event bookings, donations and managing membership fees


Community Sites / Gemeenskap Webruimtes